HKC International Holdings Limited (“HKC” hereafter) has developed the Privacy Policy to demonstrate our firm commitment in complying with the requirements of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance. We will ensure compliance by our staff with the strictest standard of security and confidentiality.

Use of Personal Data

HKC collects personal data from our visitors on certain areas of the website, in order to take part in some of our functions and to get access to some of our products or services. If you do not wish your personal data collected, please do not submit it to us. These data may include name, company, address, email address, phone number, etc. We require visitors to provide personal data when enquire about our products and services. As we contact our visitors through direct mail, telephone or email, failure in providing all the required data when enquire may result in HKC being unable to handle or process any such enquiry. Moreover, the purpose of collecting personal data is to announce a new service, a new product, additional information to our staff for processing enquiry, and further improvement for the website and our services.

Update of Personal Data

If you have provided your personal data to us, you are entitled to get access to, correct or update any such data or even request to remove your name from our list at anytime by sending an email to us at Please give us your full name and phone number in case we have questions.

Transfer of Personal Data

This website may contain “links” to other non-HKC websites. It is also possible that non-HKC websites may also link into HKC websites. We are not responsible for the content or the privacy practices employed by other non-HKC websites. As the nature of technologies we use to communicate with you evolve rapidly, we may occasionally update this privacy statement. Note that any revisions will be posted to this privacy statement web page.

HKC will not transfer your personal data to any third parties, except
(a) with your consent;
(b) conform with legal requirement or comply with legal processes;
(c) to person or companies that HKC has contracts to carry out the internal operations of the website or our business; or
(d) we reasonably believe that they are subject to law, binding scheme or contract which upholds principles for fair handling and adequate level of protection of Personal Data.


HKC cannot guarantee that there will be no unauthorized access, however, we assured that we take great care in maintaining the security of your Personal Data and in preventing unauthorized access to it through the use of appropriate technology and internal procedures.

If you have any queries about our Privacy Policy and Practices, please send us email at

Chinese version is for reference only. If the terms are different in English and Chinese, the English version shall prevail.