RFID Library of Hefei Technology College

As a landmark of the college, the Library of Hefei Technology College located at the center of the college. It has a floor area of 15160 square metres and houses over 400,000 volumes of various types of library collection as well as over 660 annually-subscribed newspapers and magazines. There are four book reading room, one newspaper reading room, one electronic reading room, and three study rooms to ensure an integration of “Storing, Borrowing & Reading.”

HKC Technology Shanghai has been chosen to implement the intelligent library project for Hefei Technology College. The project mainly consisted of RFID Security Gate, Mobile Stock Take Trolley, Self-Check in/out Station and Staff Station. The project has completed and passed user’s approval by October 2015. It greatly enhanced user’s experience in all of the “Storing, Lending & Reading” aspects.

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