HKC U-VC Disinfection Machine Promotion 📣📣📣 (From Aug 1st to Sep 30th 2020) Customers can enjoy premium discount price of 10% off to get our new UVC Disinfection Machine (Original Price: HKD12000) Kills 99.99% of all bacteria. Disinfects in 15 / 30 / 60 min. for a regular 25 m2 indoor room

Bacteria and viruses spread easily in densely populated public areas, such as offices / shopping malls /cinemas / theatre / hospitals etc.

How can we take adequate defence measures?

UVC Disinfection Product:

• U-VC Disinfection Machine emitted concentrated UV-C light onto infectious hotspots in rooms , supporting the normal cleaning routines.

• Prevents and reduce the spread of infectious microorganisms in the environment by breaking down their DNA structure.

• Safe, reliable and user friendly wireless Bluetooth operation as it can be operated easily by staff through Android app.

• Installed with human detection IR sensor, UVC lights will automatically turn off if any human being detected nearby.

• Reducing public areas infection rates and operating costs.

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