Professional Air Deodorize and Sterilizer – HKC LIVA AIR DOCTOR removes 99% PM 0.3 pollutants and kills virus and bacteria

Bacteria and virus can easily spread in crowded spaces such as offices / shopping malls and other public places. How do we adapt adequate defence measures? ๐Ÿ˜ท

HKC LIVA AIR DOCTOR uses 3-layers of filter:

1. Mid-end filter: remove dust, hair, pollen and other air impurities;

2. Activated carbon filter: remove harmful gases and odours;

3. HEPA (H13) filter: efficiently filter 99% of bacteria, viruses and 0.3ฮผm harmful substances: including H1N1, Streptococcus pneumoniae and Staphylococcus aureus ( With international testing agency certification

4. Sterilization technology: uses titanium dioxide (TiO2) under the photosynthesis of UV-A ultraviolet rays to produce strong oxidizing hydroxyl radicals (-OH), pollutants and microorganisms will be decomposed when encountering hydroxyl radicals (-OH). It becomes non-toxic and non-polluting CO2 and H2O moisture to achieve the effect of decontamination, sterilization and deodorization!

5. Touch button with 5 wind speed, fresh air can be circulated in 20 mins.

Professional Air Deodorize and Sterilizer – HKC LIVA AIR DOCTOR is made in Korea, we provide on-site installation and maintenance service, Online Ordering Hotline: 2527-8822

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