Digital Transformation which involves technology, data analytic, work flow, business model, and organizational change is driving business disruption. This trend has been accelerated by the pandemic and the emergence of 5G. The ripple effects include 1) increased use of public data to maximize efficiency, 2) new ways of interacting with the world through augmented reality and virtual reality, 3) connecting millions of devices via the Internet of Things (IoT), and 4) machines completing human tasks via artificial intelligence. As such, many companies have to seek digital transformation as a way to maximize results and get ahead of their competition.

Digital transformation likes any other technology is a mean but not the end. The ultimate objectives are: to achieve superior service quality, robust governance and control, cost saving and operational efficiency, leading edge customer experience, and rapid & agile innovation.

As a technology Company, HKC has been enabling Digital Transformation in Property Technology, and Hospitality Technology.

Being a Caring Company, HKC has been helping NGOs to implement Digital Transformation with our Passion and Commitment.

““Enhancing Safety, Security, and Sustainability for a better World via Digital Transformation is an enjoyable and rewarding journey””


Hubert Chan