Central China Normal University and Hong Kong Communications Co., Ltd LIBRA™ Library Management System

Hong Kong Communications was contracted by the Central China Normal University (CCNU) to implement its LIBRA™ Library Management System to improve the efficiency of the checking out and returning of books for patrons at its library, as well as the management of the library’s more than 2.8 millions books. CCNU wanted the system to be customizable to meet the individual needs of patrons, compatible with the library’s existing library management system, and enable simultaneous self-check-out and return of multiple books.
After strategic ground planning and site surveying, HKC implemented and tested the new UHF RFID-based library management system and trained staff at the CCNU library in its use. Compared with the original barcode based system, the UHF LIBRA™ Library Management System enabled significantly faster check-out and searching for books, enhancing the user experience for patrons. In addition, with greater automation of repetitive tasks, such as sorting returned books, librarians could focus more on delivering a better level of customer service to patrons, while fixed operational costs fell due to lower man power demands. The system recently introduced a 24-hour book-drop facility.

This project was awarded a Certificate of Merit in HK RFID Awards 2011.

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