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We would like to thank all visitors for your support to visit our booth A08 (Co organised with Microsoft HK) at the Gerontech and Innovation Expo cum Summit 2017. We have displayed our latest home smart mirror- MGC Mirrorgotchi and the indoor hydroponic system – FGC Farmergotchi, since we are committed to develop intelligent systems integrating with ageing in place solutions. Mirrorgotchi is designed particularly for families with elderly member at home or elderlies, who live independently, as if they use Mirrorgotchi, facial expressions of daily feelings will be captured and notified his/her family care giver by Mobile notifications. Not simply just a smart mirror with instant Video calls; it is a connection device between generations live apart from each other. At the same time, it empowers the social lives of our greying population that enables them to meet up new friends in same hobbies by buddy matching system; it groups and recommends all users in same hobbies to add as buddies to video connect with each other. Our ultimate goal for Mirrorgotchi is to form an online love and caring community. Hope you all can continue to support HKC

For more details, please visit www.mirrrogotchi.com or www.farmergotchi.com (enquiry hotline at 2527 8822).